Logo Mark of Ichimasa (Ichimasa Kamaboko)

Ichimasa (Ichimasa Kamaboko) continues to produce successful products such as the top-selling crab-flavored kamaboko “salad stick” and the popular “unajiro.” Ichimasa was founded in Niigata in 1965, and now is a global food manufacturer.
The name of the company is derived from combining “masa,” a part of the name of both the founder and the current president, with “ichi,” meaning the first.
Under the name Ichimasa, our company has been successfully producing innovative food products based on the concept of "customer first" while always bearing in mind the responsibility as a manufacturer since its foundation. Here is a description of the logo mark of Ichimasa (Ichimasa Kamaboko).

The fan-shaped design resembles a slice of kamaboko; as the fan extends in all directions, it reminds us of the possibility of growth in Japanese culture. It is appropriate for auspicious occasions including New Year’s Holidays, representing our feeling to wish for the happiness of customers.
The red color, which is called Ichimasa Red, conveys the concept of vitality. We will contribute to the health and vitality of people through our food products.
Red is also the color of passion, symbolizing our passion to continue producing innovative products. Our strong will to develop Japan’s food is embedded in Ichimasa Red.

History of Successful Products of Ichimasa